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Refined impressions

In India, roller technique of painting is not in vogue and rarely is it used as a way of painting at the recognizable level in art market. But some artists still do it and some among them coming are out with a new formula.

Purnendu Mandal is one such artist who does painting with roller technique in impressionism form and he gets pat from art fraternity for his style of work as his evolved style of work in impressionism is risky and always demanding. Aesthetic Memories (A journey Through art) 12th Solo art exhibition by Mandal which will be held at the All India Fine Arts andCrafts Society(AIFACS), Gallery No-B, 1,
Rafi Marg in the Capital from March 17 to 23.

Mandal is not a very senior artist but his paintings catch the eyes of senior artists from India and other countries. Born and brought up in Malda District of West Bengal, Purnendu comes out with a very fine sense of art coupled with his hard work which impresses every one.  Studying fine art at Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, Purnendu Mandal wandered here and there for gathering the various kind of information which can’t be acquired at a college or school.

When he found satisfaction from his extensive roaming he started doing painting in a serious manner. Later, in course of time he evolved his own style and method of work which he still follows while doing different kind of paintings on various subjects.  

Purnendu Mandal is an expert of impressionism form of paintings. His emphasis on impressionism and its vivid norms reveals the relevant aesthetics and the desired standards of glory in each work that is unique in its own way. His impressionism form is not exactly the same form of conventional but gets mould from the artist to give refined impression.

His ‘impressionist’ style and outlook is clearly evident in the work through thin yet visible brush strokes, openness of compositions, and emphasis on accurate depiction of light in the changing qualities over a passage of time, normal subject matter and inclusion of movement as an important element of human perception through vivid angles.

Where: All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society(AIFACS), Gallery No-B, 1, Rafi Marg When: March 17 to 23
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