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Reels from Israel

Reels from Israel
Knowing the geography of a place is much easier but getting to kow the society is altogether a different experience. That’s what the Israeli Film Festival is planning to do — to put the audience on a roller coaster ride across different genres of movies in Hebrew. The film festival is organised by the Federation of Film Societies of India and Embassy of Israel.

A total of six films will give you an insight into life and culture in the country. For instance,
Matchmaker by Avi Nesher is a drama and comedy  of a young teenage boy growing up in Haifa in 1968. He works for Yankele Bride, a matchmaker and a Holocaust survivor. Yankele takes Arik to a new world built on the ruins of an old one, where he learns the mysteries of the human heart.

He falls for his friend Beni’s cousin, Tamara, who just returned from America and is always talking about women’s rights, free love and rock and roll.Bits and parts of his life comes together and moves him in ways that will change foreever.

The Human Resources Manager, directed by Eran Riklis, is about an HR manager of Israel’s largest industrial bakery who is on a mission to save the reputation of his business and prevent the publication of a defamatory article. This tragic-comedy engulfs one on an unusual journey and whether he manages to save his company is another story altogether.

In Bena, Niv Klainer brings together the story of three fragile souls whose lives cross at the peripheries of loneliness and desperation. Amos, a widower struggling to care for his schizophrenic teenage son Yurik meets Bena, an undocumented Thai immigrant in danger of being discovered by the authorities.

When Amos shelters Bena, she lives with them and takes care of Yurik’s violent outbursts. In the meantime, both father and son falls for her. Caught in a disturbing love triangle between an overbearing father and an unstable son, Bena has to make a choice. Whether she risks imprisonment in Israel to escape their emotional trap remains to be seen.

Nir Bergman in the film Grammar takes a look at a dysfunctional family and how delayed puberty made life miserable for a pre-adolescent growing up in Jerusalem in the 1960s. The film is an adaptation of David Grossman’s
The Book Of Intimate Grammar
. The story is shown through the trajectory of Aharon Kleinfeld, who is striving to survive his dominating mother, his anti-intellectual father and his own state. In a lower-middle-class family where appearances play a pivotal role,  his soul matures but his body refuses to grow.

Unable to mature he is somewhere in a state where he is betrayed by his family, by his best friend and his beloved.

Set in Bahad in the 50s, Infiltration puts Alon and Avner on the spotlight. Alon, who believes he was accidentally sent to Bahad and will soon be sent to join the paratroopers and Avner, who  believes that the army is the last thing that interests him weaves a tragi-comedy.


AT: India Habitat Centre, Lodhi
Road  WHEN: 6 to 26 December
PHONE: 24682222

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