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Rediscovering the truths

Rediscovering the truths
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, commonly remembered as Maulana Azad, rose to prominence through his work as a journalist, publishing works critical of the British Raj in the early 1920s’. A powerful writer and an equally stimulating orator, his sway over the Muslim communities was considered a threat by the government which looked for every opportunity to clip his wings and restrain his activities.

In an unconventional form of storytelling the book penned by Hasan seeks to provide the thrill and opportunity of being a historian and an explorer, to each reader. A compilation of confidential facsimiles of notes, memos and letters, rich and varied, they unfold Azad’s story like never before.

The detailed ‘history sheets’ compiled by the Intelligence Bureau, are as informative as entertaining, conveying the tentativeness at the heart of an anxious and apprehensive government.

The other documents reflect government policies in relation to the popular upsurge that had taken
place in some parts of the country, an agitation that also drew Azad into the nationalist fold. Post-Independence communications on policies that were gradually shaping the young independent India also shed ample light on Azad’s robust conviction of combining the essence of Islam and pluralism in building a new nation.

The book launch was preceded by a panel discussion on Islam Pluralism Nationhood-Legacy of Maulana Azad, which explored Islam and its impact on the idea of a unified India.
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