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Recurrent reshuffling hinders party prowess

Come 2014 and Sharad Yadav might be the prime minister of India. If need be the BJP can split the JD(U) and make Sharad Yadav the PM candidate. The party thinks that if the BJP fails to get a majority on its own, they would need to expand the NDA. The BJP leadership is of the opinion that the option before them would be to split the Janata Dal (United). In that case, Sharad Yadav would have all the chances to emerge as PM candidate. Parties like the BJD of Naveen Patnaik,the TDP or even TMC, will have no objection in joining hands with the BJP. After all they have all been part of the NDA.

Ajay Maken’s appointment as chairperson of the communication department has come as a major surprise to one and all in his party. Not known for his great communication skills but more for his inaccessibility, there is doubt whether a junior like Maken can successfully run the department and prove to be better than Janardhan Dwivedi. All said and done, Dwivedi was very much in the knowhow of things worked, even though he was a miser in sharing things and thoughts within the party. Maken on the other hand, is the junior most person occupying the room in the front block of 24 Akbar Road. Can he snub Digvijaya Singh the way Janardhan Dwivedi did when Diggy spoke out of turn? Also, can he call on Ahmad Patel or Ambika Soni to ask them about anything? With the Lok Sabha elections looming large over the party, what will be his equations with the government’s information and broadcasting minister Manish Tiwari? There is a need for the party and the government to speak in one voice and work in harmony. Both Manish and Maken are known for not being friends. Both have been political rivals since their Youth Congress days. These are some of the questions making rounds in the congress party.

Once a favourite of the RSS, L K Advani now is fighting the battle of his survival. This is not only within the BJP, but even within the RSS. It is not Narendra Modi versus Advani, in reality it is Suresh Soni, the RSS liaison man in the BJP, versus Advani in the parivar.  This is not the first time that Soni was instrumental in projecting Modi as the first among equals but has been working over the last two years to alienate Advani. When Nitin Gadkari was removed, Advani wanted Venkaiah Naidu to move into his shoes but Soni ensured that nothing of the kind happened. Again it was Soni who scuttled Advani’s move to get the MP Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in the high profile parliamentary board along side of Modi. Advani is likely to discuss the Soni issue with the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. But for two days Advani was kept waiting by Bhagwat who did not call on him. Meanwhile, Advani is not alone in his battle with Soni. He has the backing of the entire Madhya Pradesh Gang including Sushma Swaraj, Ananth Kumar and Chauhan-baiter Uma Bharati.

The fate of the agriculture minister of Uttarakhand Harak Singh Rawat who was a serious contender to the post of chief minister, now hangs undecided with the high court last week reserving its ruling on a case involving alleged offices of profit. If the ruling comes out against him then he may even have to resign from his membership of the Assembly. Rawat held the posts of chairman of Uttarakhand Seed and Tarai Development Corporation as well as Uttarakhand Purva Sainik Nigam Limited. The State Government has included both these posts in among those exempted from the office of profit but with retrospective effect. Though the minister has since resigned from both these posts. The opposition has challenged both the government decision to exempt the posts from the office of profit and the minister’s right to continue.  

The question making rounds in 24 Akbar Road these days is why was the so called Rahul Gandhi’s blue eyed girl Meenakshi Natarajan dropped in the recently conducted AICC reshuffle by no other than Rahul himself. Natarajan is said to have lost out on two counts: one, because of non-performance; second, because she was backing her protégé Pankaj Guddewar, an ex-secretary NSUI under Natrajan, when he was named in the cricket betting scam in Mumbai. She is believed to have used her powers to call up people to exonerate Guddewar.

Jairam Ramesh is now out of favour but the man to watch is out for is Mohan Gopal, an ex-NSUI president who is the new favourite of Rahul Gandhi. He is fast gaining prominence in the present Congress dispensation. In a setback to Jairam Ramesh, Gopal is currently working as adviser in the Gandhi family-run RG Foundation. He has been given the responsibility of preparing the initial draft of the 2014 election manifesto. This is a task earlier given to political people like Salman Khurshid and Jairam Ramesh. Mohan Gopal is an erstwhile employee of the World Bank and a law product of Harvard. He is also a member of the prestigious five member of the election coordination committee headed by Rahul Gandhi and is now rubbing shoulders with Ahmad Patel and Digvijaya Singh.

No middle income marathi-manus can dream of staying in the recently built Maharashtra Sadan. It is an abode for the rich where the rent of a room costs Rs 5,000 and has all the five star luxuries.
The furniture of the CM suite and the Governors’ suite has been supplied by the two daughter-in-laws of the PWD minister Chagan Bhujbal. The interior décor and furniture is said to be at par with that of the presidential suites of Maurya Sheretan, where the foreign dignitaries stay during their India visit. The food however, will be very ordinary supplied by the railway canteen.  Corruption charges have been levelled against the wives of Chagan Bhujbal’s nephew NCP MP Samir Bhujabal his MLA son Pankaj Bhujbal by BJP’s Kirit Sommaiyya. However, sources claim that Sommaiyya had the blessings of the Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan. It is alleged that the CM provided Sommaiiya with all the documents that are in circulation in Maharashtra media.

He had been the chairman of the AICC media department, but Janardhan Dwivedi’s heart lay in Hindi poetry and prose. JD, as he is popularly known – the Hindi Guruji of Sonia Gandhi, has seen a
phenomenal rise in his political graph after his pupil ascended to power in the Congress party.
There are two subjects close to this socialist turned Congressman’s heart- one, Ram Manohar Lohia and the other is anything related to Hindi. You must see how his face lights up if anyone broaches subject related to Hindi. Instead of giving you even an iota of news, he can go on for hours giving sermons on Hindi.IPA

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