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Recreating the past in 3D

Recreating the past in 3D
Delhi is ready to view its own reflection as artiste and designer Alex Davis is coming up with his latest collection  Once Upon A Time. 

His work is inspired by the splendor of decorative arts of majestic forts, lyrical tombs and precious palaces of the ancient city.

The design elements consists of paisley motives, friezes and scrolls, lattices, medallions and cartouches derived from the pietra dura, murals and plaster works of the walls and ceilings of forts and palaces. The collection is articulated as a three dimensional line-drawing in space, using steel and brass tubes as the lines. The chattri, jaal butti and jharokha are given a contemporary interpretation in a lucidly polished stainless steel tubes with luxurious touches of gold in brass tube details.

Once Upon A Time consists of installation piece as well as statement pieces in furniture, lighting and accessories. There is an undertone of regal wealth meeting industrial chic in this collection.

Davis pays his collection  as a tribute to the artistic legacy of brilliant architecture ornamentation of the bygone era. 

When: 23 April-7 May
Where: The Park, Connaught Place

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