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Recreating the elements of life

Recreating the  elements of life
Inheritance, the debut of novice painter Purva Kanda will leave all patrons awestruck by the beautiful, bright stroke of colors she has used on her canvas. A new generation female artist holds great potential, which deliberately makes her canvases alive by fearless use of colors and flat application. Likewise the fauvist, the immense use of the vibrant colors with striking contrast gives a resonance to her work.

She observes the human creation with a very site specific perception and tries to involve her own integrity in the composition, though the attributes are very well noticed, such as ladder, toy cycle, fan, or doors, etc but in way every component speaks about the achievements of human mind after multiple constraints.

'We come across many a things daily but we avoid them considering them of less importance. Through my paintings I have brought forward those minuscule things that people ignore but cannot do away with it,' said Purva. Paintings are not mere story telling believes Purva and her creativity portrays the fact that every tiny things has identity and it goes an important context in our life. She believes in breaking the conventions and to bring forth something innovative and avant-garde. The maturity and the confidence in this novice artist's creation drags the beholders to the core of her vast imagination.

Mindscape II as the artist christened one of her own creations shows a traffic signal, a green colored scooter and a cycle. The artist said, 'It is one of my best creations. We all have moved to luxurious cars but the reminiscent of the green colored scooter which once my father used to ride and a by-cycle which belonged to my brother and a view from my third floor flat in Delhi is what I have shown in that painting.'

The sense of intangible through tangible sources is a prior concern in Purva's works. Purva juxtaposes the perspectives but the color scheme hails a very important canon in her work, it very invariably forecasts her bold and playful nature as well.

Depending on the post modern aspect of the paintings, the works of Purva talks about the identity shift and modern aspects of painting. Painting, most of them named Perception are enough to get the viewer baffled as she has pulled deeper into the vortex of the minuscule things that we just don't notice every day.

At a very tender age Purva's fascination towards the fauvist color scheme embarks her bold and care free attitude. The artist pricks her articles from the man made achievements and structures and create a unique arena for the thinkers as well as the beholders.

The sense of perspective and collage of viewpoints plays a pivotal role of interest in her works.
Purva belongs to an artistic family where her father, Tejinder Kanda himself is a renowned figure in the art fraternity. So it is well proved that Purva's nuance of painting comes from the vain of her inheritance.

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