Recreating aesthetic appeal in paintings

Recreating aesthetic appeal in paintings

A large number of her works come under the Surrealistic genre and are based on her belief in life-after-death. The exhibition titled- ‘Colours of India’ is being held at Lalit Kala Akademi and it will be on till May 10. 
These are vivid and vibrant paintings which are supplemented by the remarkable usage of lines. 
The depiction, through shapes and outlines of figures as well as the texture, exemplify the aesthetic value of the art works. 
This, coupled with her choice of bright and striking colours really differentiates her works from others. She is succesful in making it a visual delight, often invoking wonder in the minds of the viewers. 
She sets them ruminating on immortality and eternity— abstract ideas that have been brilliantly brought out in a unique manner.
Besides her interest in art, she is a home maker and a keen collector of art, sculptures and crafts. Even though she likes the works of veteran artists such as MF Hussain and Krishan Khanna, Latika Sinha has developed her own style. 
She has won series of awards in Rotary and other exhibitions. 
More often than not, her paintings generally find their way in private collections in India and abroad.


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