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Realtor Lotus Greens launches Green app to cultivate awareness on carbon emmission

New Delhi: Real estate developer Lotus Greens, as part of its ongoing initiative towards sustaining environment and improving ecological balance, has launched Green App, an online application that will enable people to track and measure their carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the measurement of carbon dioxide that is being emitted into the atmosphere. This application will help companies, professionals, businessmen and even home makers to understand the concept of carbon footprint in concrete terms. This application will create awareness about the impact of our daily chores and activities on the environment and consequently make them responsible towards the sustainability of our natural surroundings. In India, awareness of environment-related issues is yet to be developed to match countries like USA, UK and Europe. The launch of the application is one of Lotus Greens’ many endeavours to increase the knowledge and understanding about the impact of carbon dioxide on the environment and how humans contribute to creating it. This awareness is still too low in India in spite of the growing body of scientific evidence showing that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment has been increasing over the years. Lotus Greens is working to ensure that the goals of urban development and environmental sustainability are met. Promoting sustainable development holds out solutions to the multitude of problems we face — from climate change and biodiversity loss to resource and water scarcity.
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