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Realms of abstraction

Realms of abstraction
Every canvas is a window, and every image is alive with colors. There is a missing void in an endless aspect of the paintings. The artist steps in and says simply, ‘The creator made the universe from nothingness and we constantly traverse towards nothingness. This is the power of Shunyata, the mystery of emptiness.’ Somehow the canvases suddenly seem complete.

Lalit Kala Academy presents Sunyata a solo exhibition by artist Suniyata Khanna. The exhibition will begin on December 29 and will go on till January 4. Some of the senior artistes at the exhibition will be Paramjeet singh, Jagdish dey, Niren Sen Gupta,R K Yadav and Ram Sutar Ji.

A mirror is a deceptive representation that conceals more than revealing a faithful image of a personality. To expose and explore oneself within the realms of art is a dynamic process that is constantly in motion. The one characteristic that strikes the first chord is the ever-changing but constant presence of the self-portraits. In each self-portrait there is an evolution – they are all the same but uniquely different on each canvas. 

As you progress the timeline, Suniyata changes and evolves, never identical. In some landscapes the search reveals her embedded in a string of emeralds, sometimes taking the form of a roaming gypsy, and the rest of the times just a shadow or a faint reflection of herself. Intriguing in each form and mystical in intent, she immerses herself into her artistic abilities, becoming a part of the journey in all possible ways.

Sometimes real and sometimes surreal, the images harmoniously co-exist without clashing into each other’s designated places on the canvas. Wandering from the previous earthy color palette to a more vibrant one, the transition seems effortless. The form may change, but the essence remains firmly in its place. Intrigued by the nirakaar or formless nature of God, there is a constant tussle with illustration of the spirit. The canvas changes its shape with each endeavor and so does the fluidity of the subjects. “Sometimes words are not enough to explain the workings of the universe. And so I paint,” the artist says.  The very theme of Suniyata's paintings is Bimb-Pratibimb - the object and its image reflects the core of her innerself. Suniyata’s entire series are an expression of this wonderful life-enhancing theme. Art is less of handicraft and more of an expression of feelings. Still, some sort of training and guidance is always useful and enriching.
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