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Bahroop has been active for the last sixteen year making an impressive mark on the cultural map of the Capital. They are back with yet another production called Ajanta Ki Taraf  to be staged on March 1 at 6 pm at Studio Safdar, Putlinagar. Ajanta Ki Taraf is a collage of three stories by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, the doyen of progressive literature in Urdu. The key ideas of the three stories - Ajanta Ki Taraf, Zafraan Ke Phool and Meri Maut - merge together to profile a journey from brutality to beauty which India undertakes in her spiritual quest.

A couple, tormented by the communal violence as the aftermath of the partition, takes refuge in the aesthetic solace of the Ajanta caves but only to be exposed to a destablising dilemma - what’s eternal, coarseness of cruelty or purity of passion ?

Largely consisting of students from JNU and other academic campuses, the group has participated in theatre festivals of national repute. The group is highly esteemed for its engagement of the student community in socially relevant and politically significant theatre activities.

A writer, journalist, film-maker and pioneer of the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) movement, Khwaja Ahmad Abbas has contributed to the lineage of thoughtful expressions in more than one way. His films like Dharti ke Laal, Do Boond Paani and Naxalite champion the cause of the suffering masses while his short stories affirm the bond of humanity across the boundaries.  Bahroop came into existence in 1996 when a group of people from different walks of life decided to share their experience with a larger section of the society.

Its productions Kale Kauwe Ne Kaha, Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Baghichha Bachharam Ka, Zaharqand, Soopna Ka Sapna, Aur Kitne Hiroshima, Yahan Se Shahar Ko Dekho, B-Three, Hamare Waqt Mein, Saaye Hamsaaye, Woh Bhi Thei Apne and Panahgaah were awarded by Delhi Urdu Academy, Government Of NCT of Delhi.

When: March 1
Where: Studio Safdar, Putlinagar
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