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Real-life murder trial to be shown on TV for first time

An actual murder trial will be broadcast on television in Britain, and is  expected to give a rare insight into the court system, BBC reported Tuesday.
The programme was filmed over a period of six weeks at the High Court in Edinburgh last year.
It follows the re-trial of 54-year-old Nat Fraser, whose face is shown on screen as the jury returns the verdict against him on the charge of murdering his wife Arlene Fraser.

The documentary titled ‘The Murder Trial’ was made by Windfall Films. It follows the trial from start to finish.
The producers secured permission from all of the key witnesses in the case following lengthy negotiations. ‘The Scottish High Court gave permission for this extraordinary and unique access - to film the case of a man accused of murdering his wife,’ said a spokesman for Channel 4.

‘Her body has never been found, there is no weapon, no crime scene and her husband appears to have a cast iron alibi for the day she disappeared.’ For the first time, remotely-operated cameras were placed inside a criminal court to capture  the murder trial.
Nat Fraser did not give evidence during the trial, but agreed to be filmed during the case after the programme-makers visited him in prison.

The documentary also looks at the lives of the people involved in the case and shows videos from the couple’s wedding, press conferences and interviews with Arlene’s parents.

Fraser’s daughter Natalie, who was five when she lost her mother and firmly believes in her father’s innocence, was one of the first people who agreed to contribute to the programme.

Fraser was first convicted in 2003 for murdering Arlene, the mother of the couple’s two young children. She had disappeared five years earlier and her body was never found.
He was jailed for at least 25 years but started an appeal process.

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