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...Ready to bet on Kejriwal

...Ready to bet on Kejriwal
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is riding high on woman power in east Delhi’ assembly constituencies. Majority of the women voters came out in support of the newbie party. It seemed to have a convincing hold on women voters who were willing to give a second chance to AAP.

The party had convincingly addressed women’s security issues that seem to have made a huge impact. “We were disappointed when Arvind Kejriwal quit from Delhi government, but he is an honest man and has a vision for Delhi. He had reduced the electricity and water prices and managed to curb price rise too. During his 49-days-government, corruption was at the lowest level. We should give him one more chance to serve Delhi,” said Bharti Raturi, a east Vinod Nagar resident.

She further said that AAP has announced a number of measures to address women’s safety and promised to make Delhi safer for the fairer sex.

“People have understood that BJP is against women. Its leaders ask women not to wear jeans, and produce at least four children. Why should we vote for such a party and its leaders. We know who respects women more — AAP or BJP.”

Meanwhile, male voters have a different point of view. They believe that AAP had made unrealistic promises but will fail to deliver.

“Kejriwal said his government will install around 15 lakh CCTV cameras. Doesn’t he know how much cost is involved in it. From where will the money come? He made several promises but he will run away again from his responsibilities. I want a stable government, I don’t want mid-term election again in Delhi,” said Mohit Jain, a resident of Kalyan Vas.
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