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Re-sourcing energy

Economist Thomas Malthus once said that population is the real rising terror to civilisation. Malthus went on to say that if human population kept increasing at the same alarming rate, there would be a time when the earth’s natural resources would not match up to its demands. As true as his theory was back in the day, precautions towards the same have only just begun. On Monday, French President Francois Hollande and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed an international solar alliance. The agreement aims at bringing clean and affordable solar energy setups within the common man’s reach. The world has already witnessed the devastating effects of climate change. 

Leaders from around the world are hence scheduled to meet at the climate change conference in Paris to discuss how nations can come together to prevent further environmental degradation. One of the major points of discussion at this summit is that of a possible change from fossil fuel to renewable energy. An Indian government official stated that there are over 100 solar rich nations already present in the world. He further added that the alliance would target these countries to be a part of the syndicate in order to seek their guidance towards achieving their affordable solar energy initiatives. Coinciding with the initiative taken up by the two leaders, top industrialists including the likes of Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, and Jack Ma, have announced a guild of 28 large scale investors from all over the world in order to announce a breakthrough energy coalition. Their objective would be to create a space where they could get hold of the right people who could work towards bringing these affordable renewable forms of energy out of research labs and to the people. This coalition is scheduled to be launched together with Mission Innovation, an initiative to dramatically accelerate public and private global clean energy innovation to address global climate change and provide affordable clean energy to consumers. The initiative will be launched by US President Barack Obama.

This guild of investors from across the world acts as a major encouragement and support system for most governments working towards this initiative. Financial aid, especially for developing nations, stands at the top of its agenda. It all sounds good as the world seems to join hands towards an initiative for a cleaner environment. On the one hand the world is at war over oil, while on the other, renewable solar energy might just become the perfect cause for peace as more hands join  the table.
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