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Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum opens with abstract art show

Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum opened its doors to the public with an inaugural exhibition of abstract paintings and sculptures by renowned artist Rouble Nagi.

Titled “Flamenco,” the exhibition which began on the evening of October 2, has on display 22 works of abstract art and six fibreglass sculptures depicting different poses from the Spanish dance form.

Nagi, who is the first artist to exhibit her work at the venue, said she felt “privileged” to be the first.

“I consider myself privileged. Other than being the first artist who got to exhibit here, the cherry on the cake is that it is taking place on 147th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi,” she said.

The artworks at the 9-day-long show have been created by the artist over a span of four years.

According to her, the historic relevance of the space does not overshadow the art displayed, rather it “complements” the work that is symbolic of free-flow of ideas.

“For me it is very important to portray my feelings on canvas the way I like it. Being an abstract artist, I show it through bold strokes, dripping colours and, the freedom to let your feelings out,” Nagi said.

Being somebody who shifts between painting and sculpting very often, Nagi uses anything and everything around her to create art - from glass pieces and wooden sticks to spatulas and metal scrappings.

While all her artworks are dominant in bright hues, one painting titled, “Dream” stood out in monochrome.

“Dreamy situations are colourful moments of the past and they are beautiful. But, what you see here is the artist’s way of interpreting a dream from a colourful canvas to a black and white one,” she said.

The artist, who is also robustly promoting “education for the underprivileged and women empowerment” through her Mumbai-based not-for profit organisation, Rouble Nagi Foundation, calls her work “art for a cause.” 

“When I comeback from slums I leave my worries there. I believe in happiness because everyone goes through ups and downs in life. So, the bottom line of my artwork is spreading happiness, awareness and affection among kids, youth as well as grown ups,” she said.

The proceeds from the selling show which is set to continue till October 10, will be used by Nagi’s foundation to carry out charity work.
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