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Rasheed confesses to leaking info on faulty laser walls

The nexus of ISI and their agents in Indian armed forces cost the national security as more than dozens of Pakistanis including terrorists and ISI agents have infiltrated into India from Jammu borders after the information of non-functional and unavailability of ‘laser walls’ and ‘smart fencing system’ at certain border areas were leaked to the ISI handlers by the BSF head constable, Abdul Rasheed, who was posted in the Intelligence Wing in Jammu.

According to a highly placed source in the Delhi Police Crime Branch, during intensive interrogation Rasheed told police that though he was posted at the Intelligence Wing at the post of a head constable in the BSF (Jammu) he still had good terms with his seniors and at times breaching their trust he has accessed the classified documents of the intelligence wing.

“Many times he has used equipment having spy camera to capture the information from the documents as the smart phones having cameras are prohibited in some areas. These equipment were sent to him by the ISI handlers from Pakistan.

The resolution of these spy cameras were more effective as compared to the cameras installed in mobile phones. Some of them have night vision too,” said the source. The source further added that they are yet to recover these equipment.

He claimed that in the recent times, the Intelligence wing of the BSF got a detailed report on the condition of the ‘laser walls’ that were recently installed.

In the report, it was found that some of the laser walls are non-functional. The report also mentioned the unfenced areas where the laser walls are to be built. “The information of the whole report was leaked to the ISI handlers in Pakistan against Rs 50,000,” the source said.

The laser wall ensures that anyone approaching the border or breaking the beam in an unfenced zone sets off an alarm.

It is important to mention that last year BSF had announced that they are in the process of installing laser walls in the unfenced areas to stop infiltration from Pakistan.

However, the Border Security Force chief Devendra Kumar Pathak said that the arrested accused was a “low-level functionary” of the force and hence, it was unlikely that he would have been in possession of classified information about the forces’ operation in border areas.

Apart from leaking the information about the laser walls, Rasheed has also given a map of an Indian Ordinance Factory in Madhya Pradesh which is considered to be the largest ordinance factory in Asia.

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