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Rapists should be killed: Salman Khan

Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan is angry. Reason? The gangrape of a medical student in Delhi on Sunday night. ‘Sab se third rate crime. Jail mein bhi pitte hain ye rapists jab ye jaate hai. Maar dalna chahiye saloko (It’s a third-grade crime. The rapists get beaten by other convicts when they go to jail. They should be killed),’ Salman proclaimed.

And Bollywood’s Bhai is miffed that when such incidents happen in public, nobody comes forward to help or raises their voice. ‘Everyone needs to be dabangg. People who are there record on their mobile phones but don’t do anything. Even these people should be punished. Recently a girl was molested (in public). Nobody raised a voice. Are we Indians like this? I would just go out and hit them,’ he said.

The superstar, who was in the Capital to promote his upcoming movie Dabangg 2 which releases on 21 December, seemed like a more mature version of himself. ‘I have grown up, agewise and otherwise. I don’t react to baseless comments anymore,’ quipped the Khan. ‘The tickets these days are so expensive. I try not to waste the audience’s time and money. A sense of responsibility has come in. Besides, the movie must be good. I don’t want the producers, distributors or exhibitors to lose money,’ said Salman.

The superstar also dismissed talks about whether Dabangg 2 will gross Rs 100 crore or more with a swift ‘not interested in 100 crore’. And yes,
Dabangg 3
is already in the pipeline (it will be a prequel) and will happen depending on how Dabangg 2 fares at the box office. ‘If Arbaaz (Khan) is interested in directing it, he will do it. If not, I will make it,’ he said. Salman, though, has no plans to follow the footsteps of his brother and turn director. ‘Let me do this (acting) properly first,’ he said.

Was it difficult for Arbaaz to maintain a balance between the star and the script? Salman agreed it could sometimes be a problem as the star sometimes becomes larger than the character. ‘But in Dabangg 2, the character of Chulbul Pandey is very large. He is an aam aadmi, a mere sub inspector who takes on the big guys and comes out as the winner. Here the situations are larger than life. If you make him a superhero then the character won’t work. He has both positives and negatives,’ he explained.

Arbaaz though, kept him in his place. ‘He would tell me, ‘Dude, I am talking to my brother, not to a bloody star,’’ said Salman. When asked that movies these days run just on Salman’s name, he joked: ‘If that’s true should I release my old movies like God Tussi Great Ho, Main aur Mrs Khanna etc?’

The mature version is well aware that every golden run comes to an end and admitted that he won’t be able to sustain it. ‘When people start losing money, I know it is time to stop working and do something else,’ announced Salman Khan.
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