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Rape fallout: Couples plan group dates on V-Day

Valentine’s Day may be round the bend but love is somewhat subdued in Delhi this year. The brutal attack on Amanat on 16 December, despite the company of a male friend, seems to have dampened romantic spirits. But then again, where there’s love, there’s always a way. Group dating is being floated as the solution to the ‘safety’ issue.

‘We are planning to go in groups – three to four couples together – this Valentine’s Day. I think I would feel more safe in a group. If things turn ugly, we would feel more confident to tackle lumpens,’ said Priyanka Singh, a first year student of Miranda House of Delhi University. ‘We face misbehaviour and harassment at public places whenever we go to our favourite hangouts in the city. So, we girls in the hostel go out in groups now, which we have decided to follow on V-Day as well with our boyfriends,’ she added. However, she is yet to finalise her date and venue, but she is sure that it would not be an overnight affair.

‘It’s always safe to be in groups. What’s more, if we know the person well, it’s double the fun. My roommate and I are planning to go to a park in the city with our boyfriends,’ said Swati Sharma, another first year student in GGS Indraprastha University. But on the other hand, she agrees group dating comes in the way of intimacy.

Lhamo Tso, a first year English Honours student in Delhi university, echoed similar view. ‘I personally would prefer group dating because it is not so safe in Delhi. And it has more scope for fun,’ said Tso.

Not only girls, boys also feel it is safer to date in groups. ‘Our family is not aware that we are dating. While going out, the fear of bumping into them is always there. That way as well, it is more safe to have another like-minded couple from our friends’ circle with us. We could have fun without fear,’ said Deepak Vidhuri, a student of College of Vocational Studies of Delhi University.

This new trend is gaining popularity in Delhi’s suburbs like Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad as well where a lot of professional educational institutes are located.

‘We have already booked a table for three couples in a bar at Great India Place Mall in Noida,’ said Abhishek Singh, B Tech first year student.
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