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Ransom might not have been the only motive: Cops

The 14-year-old boy Bittu was killed soon after his abduction and the accused made the ransom call much later to divert the attention of the police, the cops said. 

It may be mentioned that Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Debashis Boral has mentioned that the abduction for ransom was not the only motive behind the crime. 

According to an officer of the city police’s detective department, the limbs of the body were found to be stiff when recovered Sunday night. The condition of a body becomes such due to certain chemical changes only after 3 to 4 hours of death and it is called rigor mortis.  It suggests that the accused had killed the victim ahead of making the calls demanding a ransom of Rs 50,000, the officer said adding: “The victim’s parents received the first call at 8.30 pm and the body was found at around 11 pm. How can a body become stiff at 11 pm if the death occurred after 8 pm?”

This is the reason while probing into the incident other motives, apart from the ransom have also been kept in consideration. Investigation revealed that Bittu had given the phone number of a girl, who used to take private tuition with him, to one of his friends. The girl had reported to her parents that she had noticed some unknown people following her while returning from private tuition. The police are yet to find any link of this particular incident with Bittu’s death, but are not ruling out any possibility. The Police have already spoken to the victim’s tuition friends as well as those who used to play with him. Police have asked his friends whether they had found anything suspicious happening with Bittu over the past few days or noticed anyone keeping a watch on him. 

Investigating officers are also quite certain after preliminary investigation that Bittu was not taken outside the locality. He was probably taken to some place adjacent to that area, where he was killed.
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