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The top 200 universities in the world do not have an Indian counterpart. The only consolation that can be looked up to is IIT Bombay, which sits pretty at the 222nd rank. Agreed that global rankings aren’t everything but then the fallible standards of Indian higher education also fail to attract their own native students, leave behind the international ones.

Indian universities have some of the most sprawling edifices and world’s best minds but this regression can largely be attributed to the many controls and regulations that they are put through by the government in the form of the Human Resource Development Ministry and the University Grants Commission. With no autonomy to innovate and take decisions for their betterment, it comes as no surprise that not even a single Indian university matches global standards. On the contrary, international universities are far more democratic than their Indian equivalents can ever be. It is amusing how this flawed stem is not even a point of deliberation and the Indian higher educational authorities are far more satiated when one warring party is made to subjugate in front of the other.

The Delhi University FYUP imbroglio is a point in case. The fact that they are juxtaposed against the world’s best educational institutes may perhaps act as a deterrent to leave behind the evils, they are so heavily colluded with. Indian students in order to escape this unnecessary mayhem of cancelled classes and teeming protests  often land up in better institutions abroad. The only factor that determines your admission is a deep pocket. Forget about the rankings, the Indian government should not make tall statements about bringing enduring change at a go. It should begin by ensuring uninterrupted classes at the very least. It would or would not help is another debate but as a minimum, priorities will be set right. 
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