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Ranbir will not replace Hrithik: Kapur

 IANS |  2012-07-18 00:44:18.0  |  New Delhi

Ranbir will not replace Hrithik: Kapur

Shekhar Kapur is surprised that his casual meeting with Ranbir Kapoor has sparked speculation that the actor will Replace Hrithik Roshan in the filmmaker’s ambitious Paani project.

‘Oops! Can’t I meet an actor I like without setting of rounds of speculation? And would anyone be silly enough to give up Hrithik for a film,’ tweeted Kapur.

According to reports, the Mr India filmmaker has been meeting Ranbir and considering roping him in for the long-awaited movie, based on water wars.

But Kapur says he just enjoys the young star’s company.

‘Press asking why I’ve been seen with Ranbir Kapoor. I really enjoy listening to him. Future of Indian cinema safe in this breed of new stars,’ added Kapur.

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