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Rajnath Singh calls for debate on conversion

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday called for a debate on conversions while addressing the 10th annual conference of the State Minority Commissions. He stressed that a country like India cannot allow changes in its demographic profile and character.

Talking about conversions and ‘ghar wapsi’, the minister said in other countries it is the minorities who demand ‘anti-conversion laws’ for their protection. “In other countries it is the minorities who ask for an anti-conversion law. In India, all we are saying is that there should be an anti-conversion law. The issue should be debated. We must think on bringing an anti-conversion law.”

He said serving people does not require conversion.

“Is conversion necessary? Can social service not be performed in India without resorting to conversion? Why is it not possible for all religions to prosper without promoting conversions in India? How can a country like India allow changes in its demographic profile and character?”

Though Singh did not speak on the recent church attacks, he assured that the government would do its best to protect the interest of minorities. “Though law and order is a state subject, I pledge to extend all support to protect minorities. I can go to any extent for this.”

Singh said a sense of fear had gripped people, especially minorities, during the previous UPA government. He said, “If anyone can end the sense of insecurity among minorities, it is the Narendra Modi-led NDA government, though it the biggest challenge (for us).”

Stressing that India is the only country where people belonging to all religions live, Singh expressed concern over communal conflicts, adding that it should be stopped immediately.

“India is the only country where people of all religions live with peace, prosperity and dignity for ages. A report on Jews suggests that India is the only country where the community does not face any persecution. The oldest church in the world is in India. It is not in the US or in Europe, it is in Kerala,” he said.

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