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Rajnath says sorry to Muslims, finally

Rajnath says sorry to Muslims, finally
While addressing a Muslim gathering at NDMC convention center on ‘Modi for PM Mission 272 Plus and Role of Muslims’, BJP president Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said, ‘Please note that whenever, wherever there has been any mistake and shortcoming on our part, we apologise to you by bowing our heads.’

While clarifying the party’s stand and the ‘propaganda’ created by the Congress and its allies, he said, ‘BJP was never against the Muslims and the community should not go by the propaganda against it. Vote for BJP this time for the sake of the nation. Try us once and if we don’t come up to your expectations then don’t look at us ever again.’

He requested the Muslim community, without mentioning the 2002 Gujarat riots, to vote for a strong nation where brotherhood and humanity shall prevail and not just to elect a government. Rajnath’s apology to Muslims clearly shows that the party this time around is ready to walk an extra mile to add to its seat count. Leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, who was also present on the occasion said, ‘Many more gatherings will be organised across the country to allay misconceptions created by opponents.’

He said, ‘An organised campaign has continued for several years to create a fear factor among the minorities about the BJP. The clear distinction between the BJP and others is that we do not treat minorities as instruments of political power. The party workers among minority community members have faced an uphill task in the past trying to convince members of the community that the BJP has no prejudice against them.’
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