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Raise a toast to friendship

Raise a toast to friendship
The best instances in life come with friends in a chaotic comedy of errors and when those moments gets transformed to 70mm, the effect is heart warming and not to be missed.

Celebrating travel and adventure, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura presents Cosi e la vita (Life is like that). Directed by Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo e Massimo Venier, Cosi e la vita stars Marina Massironi, Antonio Catania, Francesco Pannofino and Giovanni Caccioppo, and hit screens in 1998.

Aldo is a small crook, ‘specialised’ in credit card frauds. One morning as he is escorted from prison to court by a young policeman, a frustrated aspiring writer; he takes the cop hostage and tries to make a get away. In the meantime, get a young, aspiring toy inventor Giovanni, stops the cop car to report a crime and gets abducted as well. As the comedy progresses another police car sees the incident and the chase begins and the lives of the three change forever. They continue the journey, become friends, discovering in the end that not everything is what it seems. Such is life!

Take your best friends for this one and don’t miss it for the world!


Venue:  Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New Delhi, Multimedia Hall
Duration: 108 minutes
When:  25 July, 6.30 pm
Rescreening:  28 July, 2 pm
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