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Rain ushers in more chill in Delhi

Rain ushers in more chill in Delhi
The capital witnessed light rains on Tuesday due to western disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir.

The Met office said that the showers are likely to continue through the day. The minimum temperature, however, remained three notches above average at 11.5 degrees Celsius due to cloudy weather.

According to the Met office temperatures will dip further by next week.

‘There are chances of heavy rain and snowfall in middle and high hills across Himachal Pradesh on December 13 and 14 which will affect weather in Delhi,’ an official at the Met office said.

‘The rain may continue for two to three days in Delhi, decreasing the temperature gradually. There may be brief spells of rain on 11, 14. 15 and 16 December, which would add to the chill,’ said a senior IMD official.

The rain would lessen the pollution levels in the city for a short while, the official added.

Monday was a warm day for the capital with the maximum temperature being recorded at 27.7 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal, and the minimum remaining at 9.4 degrees Celsius, one degree above normal.

Sunday was sunnier with the maximum temperature being recorded at 28.1 degrees Celsius.

Doctors, meanwhile, claim that they are noticing 20 to 25 per cent increase in the number of patients suffering from seasonal ailments.

‘Fluctuation in temperature leads to diseases such as pneumonia, ailments related to upper respiratory tract, heart, throat infections and viral fevers of unknown origin,’ a doctor said.

‘We are witnessing unspecified viral fevers that are subsiding on their own in four to five days. There is a high degree of pollution too.

‘Changing temperature brings different diseases with it, so people have to be very careful with their  dressing. They should wear properwoollens so as to save themselves from the chilling effect,’ the
doctor said.
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