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Railway employee stabbed to death

Unidentified miscreants stabbed a 55-year-old employee of the railways to death when he refused to give away his valuables. The incident took place on Konnagar Station Road in Hooghly early Sunday morning.

Police said the victim Jai Prakash Gupta was posted at Howrah and everyday he used to take a train from Konnagar early in the morning.

Like all the other days, Gupta was heading towards Konnagar Station at around 4.30 am on Sunday when four to five miscreants stopped him at a deserted place on Konnagar Station Road. They asked him to hand over whatever he was having.

“It seems that the victim had refused to give them his belongings and tried to escape by pushing one of the miscreants. They chased the man and stabbed him,” said police officer.

The miscreants took away his mobile phone, purse and other valuables. They had left the victim’s bag after taking out all valuables. Paper documents were found strewn at the spot. Some morning walkers rushed to the spot hearing his cry for help and saw the miscreants fleeing the area. The aged morning walkers arranged a vehicle and took the victim to Uttarpara State General Hospital where he was declared brought dead. Some of them had identified the victim and informed his family members.

Police too initiated a probe in this connection but are yet to arrest anyone. Police later came to know that the same group of miscreants had snatched valuables from another four people when they were heading to the station to take the first train.

Manatosh Hazra, a local resident, said such incidents are taking place due to the lackadaisical attitude of the police. Local people had informed them repeatedly about such incidents of snatching in the area both at late night and in early morning. “But no strict action was taken and it resulted to the death of an innocent man,” he said adding that it is expected that the police would increase their vigil in the area.
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