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Rahul Gandhi meeting fails to create impact

 M Post Bureau |  2016-04-03 00:24:18.0  |  Kolkata

Rahul Gandhi meeting fails to create impact

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday urged people to vote for Congress- Left coalition to end the ‘undemocratic’ rule of Trinamool Congress in Bengal. The first political meeting attended jointly by Congress and Left leaders failed to attract crowd as the industrial town had witnessed militant trade unionism of the Left leading to closure of hundreds of small and big factories in the past three decades. Bansogopal Chowdhury, former CPI(M) MP attended the meeting. Drawing a parallel between Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee, Gandhi said that both had believed in one party rule. 

Also both had remained silent on corruption issue that had plagued their parties. The Congress vice president said that in 2011 election Trinamool had come to power banking on Congress. “But after the election Mamataji forgot about the alliance and started ignoring Congress.” Referring to the industrial history of Kulti which was compared to that of Germany, Congress vice president said the area was developed in industries. However, he did not say a single line on how these areas saw death of industries. He said Mamata Banerjee had not resolved the drinking water crisis in the area. 

Also, the youth did not get jobs and TMC had failed to keep promises. He said the collapse of Vivekananda Road flyover was symbolic. “In the past five years Mamata Banerjee could not utilise central funds and had ruined the state. He maintained that if voted to power the coalition government would give jobs to unemployed youths. “The pro poor government will look after the interest of the tribals, women and weaker sections of the community.” Earlier, Gandhi visited Calcutta Medical College and Hospital and inquired about the health of the victims of Vivekananda Road flyover who are admitted to the hospital. Calling the incident as “unfortunate” he assured the victims of staying beside them in times of need. 

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