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Rahul Gandhi a veiled PM candidate of Cong: Jaitley

Jaitley in his blog post said, ‘It is still unclear that why the Congress’s campaign revolves around him even when he is not the official candidate for the top post. The campaign is centred around one person, who is the Congress party’s candidate in purdah (veil).’

He said, ‘Rahul indeed is a non candidate for PM (since the party has no official candidate). Why is it that the campaigns are revolving around him? The Congress does not want to admit that it is officially projecting Gandhi as an adverse result may make him accountable.’

‘The normal practice has been that with the filing of nomination papers, advertisement starts and picks up during the two weeks permitted for campaigning. It is obvious that Congress has a huge budget for advertising, if advertising is spread over four months,’ he alleged.

He also added that in the campaign that has appeared so far, there is no mention of the present PM. There is no mention of the performance of the UPA government. It has not even a mention of the Congress president. The entire campaign is centered around Rahul Gandhi. The Congress does not want to admit that it is officially projecting him as PM candidate.

Dalit leaders from other parties join BJP in UP

Political leaders belong to the dalit community from Uttar Pradesh and Dharmendra Singh grandson of late Raj Narain of Janta Party (JP) has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday. Some of the prominent figures who have joined the party (BJP) are Kaushal Kishore of Rashtrawadi Communist Party (RCP) and former Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) MP Rajesh Verma. Dharmendra, an insurance expert, does not belongs to any political party before joining the BJP.

Party President Rajnath Singh said that the BJP never differentiated between the members of its party on the basis of caste and class unlike the Congress. ‘Congress is a family oriented party where the family decides and take all the decisions including the selection of members of the party.
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