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Radio jingles: The new battleground for BJP, AAP

Radio jingles: The new battleground for BJP, AAP
After BJP started its radio ad campaigns showing the former Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal in poor light for resigning within 49 days, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) also came up with its radio ad campaigns to counter the BJP’s radio ads.

In the BJP ad, an old lady castigates Kejriwal for quitting, whereas in response to it, the AAP on Wednesday came up with an ad trying to convince the old lady while trying to assuage the damage. The saffron party’s ad, without naming Kejriwal, starts as: “It was my fault. He called himself a common man and cheated us. He made tall promises, claimed that he will provide water for free, but only gave us tears.”

It further says: “We will take our revenge for this irresponsibility. We will not vote for this man who does not do any work. To change Delhi with full majority, let’s walk with Modi.”

Sharing this audio, Kejriwal tweeted: “Did u hear a BJP ad on radio where an old woman appears angry with me? Our response to BJP ad.”

“There is a radio ad in which an old lady appears angry with me. She says because she voted for me and I resigned from the post of Chief Minister. She thought I did not respect her vote. I want to assure that I did not run away. I am coming back with full majority to serve you,” Kejriwal says in the ad. “Just give me your blessings. Neither has your vote been wasted nor has your hard work.

The only shortcoming was of seats. Keep the faith and blessings and we will be back to serve you with full majority for five years. Now stop being angry and smile a bit,” Kejriwal says further in the ad.

The ad-war between the AAP and the BJP is set to heat up the air waves as the BJP already has come up with another ad, which says: “He promised us the moon and ran away.”

Meanwhile, at a time when social media and integrated communication technologies are being used to reach out to voters, BJP will take to a more traditional medium of street plays (nukkad-natak) to woo voters, aiming at reaching out to more than 50 lakh people in the national capital.

The party is likely to start street plays from January 12 in all 14 districts and artistes will apprise voters about the works done by the Narendra Modi-led government through their performances.
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