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Radical changes to be made in electoral system, says govt

“The issue of electoral reforms in its entirety has been referred to the Law Commission of India for its examination and report,” he said during Question Hour.

On receipt of its report, “the matter will be further examined in consultation with the stakeholders and political parties,” he said.

Among the crucial issues “under active consideration” of the government was holding elections to Parliament and state assemblies together, he said, adding any decision would be taken only after discussion with all stakeholders.

Other crucial issues pertaining to electoral reforms being considered by the Law Commission include state funding of elections, communalism in politics, negative voting, preparation of electoral rolls and disclosure of criminal antecedents of candidates.

“At present, no proposal is under consideration of the government for mandatory voting in general elections,” Gowda said, adding that measures to curb money and muscle power in elections were also being examined by the Law Commission.

Reports of several commissions and committees on electoral reforms including those headed by VM Tarkunde and Indrajit Gupta were being considered by the law panel, he said. He said the law panel's recommendations on disqualification of candidates on framing of charges and filing of false affidavits were also “under examination of the government.”

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