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Quality of life best in Kolkata, says survey

Quality of life best in Kolkata, says survey

The study was based on more than 100 parameters in 21 selected cities. Kolkata topped while Thiruvananthapuram and Bhopal came second and third respectively. Delhi ranked fifth. Says a proud music composer Debojyoti Mishra, ‘I have been to almost all famous cities of the world and I always love to come back to Kolkata. I love  Park Street---despite Stephen court and closure of Music World. I love the way Calcuttans discuss politics and sports and I love the way the city celebrates music–where else in India would you have a Western classical guitar festival or so much of jazz and classical music?’

The Banerjee-led state government has indeed made efforts to make the city look better since the Trinamool government came to power in 2011. ‘We are happy that over the last three years, our efforts to restore the past glory of Kolkata and make it a truly great Metro – from beautification to making the city clean and green to improving civic amenities – is yielding results,’ she said on Facebook. Banerjee had earlier announced that she wants to make Kolkata look like London.
Some Calcuttans also look back at the past with nostalgia. 

‘In our childhood, the streets of the city were washed with water every morning. Some of the buildings, built by the British were indeed beautiful. Then, unlike Mumbai and Delhi, Kolkata cares. If something happens to you on the road, passers by will stop and help you. I feel that the survey results are fair,’ artist Suvaprasanna told Millennium Post.

Beautifying the riverfront, painting the sidewalks and flyovers, lighting up city streets have been only some of the measures that the state government has taken. A giant ferris wheel is also known to be coming up to attract tourists soon enough.  ‘More is planned in the coming days. There is so much more to be done for Kolkata and the people of Kolkata,’ announced Banerjee. 
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