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While the USA and its allies, especially the Nato countries, have already been spreading canards and indulging in disinformation campaign against Russia, in their latest design have come out with the allegation that Putin is attempting to stir up anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany in an attempt to topple Chancellor Angela Merkel. Little doubt Merkel has been an ardent advocate of continuing sanction against Russia, imposed in the wake of Ukraine and Crimean crisis, but the fact also remains that in the war against ISIL and Islamic state, she has been on the Russian side. Obviously at this crucial juncture, Putin would not cherish the idea of losing a supporter and admirer.

Russia is increasingly feared by many in the West as a growing security threat, yet paradoxically it’s one of the key players in finding a solution to the Syrian conflict. True enough the USA design to malign and give a bad name to Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has gone in his favour and projected him as the saviour against the Islamic terrorists machinations and mayhem throughout the world. The global fraternity is witness to USA surrendering initiative against the ISIL and Islamic state for its own petty and vested interest. It does not intend to antagonise some of its Muslim and Nato friends.

The US administration and its think-tank would never have thought of that Russia could muster strength to challenge its hegemony in the global arena. From the beginning, the Western world was critical of Vladimir Putin and it is worth recalling that even while he was seeking presidential verdict from the Russian people, these countries had indulged in their nasty game of maligning him. 

However, the Syrian crisis and the way Putin handled it made it explicit that even though facing some economic irritants, he was capable to restore the past glory of Russia. Little doubt the Syrian crisis has completely eroded the credibility and public image of USA and its president Barack Obama. The American people have started questioning the intricacies and relevance of the government moves and actions. Putin eclipsed the US aura and punctured its hegemony. But the US has launched a fresh move to retrieve its lost prestige and salvage its image. And to achieve this mission its allies have been spreading lies against Putin. The latest has been the Nato allegation that Russia was stoking refugee unrest in Germany to topple Angela Merkel. The Nato analysts have started claiming that they are in possession of evidence of ‘information war’ over migration crisis with links to Vladimir Putin. Their strategic experts claim that Russia is trying to topple Angela Merkel by waging an information war designed to stir up anger in Germany over refugees. The reason cited is, Russia is trying to take revenge since the German leader has been a strong supporter of sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime.

Even if Putin has been nursing this view but in the present scenario he is not such a naive guy to alienate a country which has not been whole heartedly supporting USA in the matter of Syria. At this crucial juncture Russia needs German on his side. Nato has been known to push the American cause and interest. Obviously its latest remark cannot be seen is isolation. Nato from the beginning has been opposed to Russia and at one stage had even threatened to go for military intervention in Syria against Russia. Little doubt latest propaganda is part of the well crafted disinformation and maligning campaign launched by the USA and its allies against Putin. AS if this was not enough the Nato expert Janis Sarts went up to alleging: “You can trace Russian funding to the extreme forces in Europe. 

Either left or right – as long as they are extreme, they are good to come into the Russian picture as of possible use in their tactics.”  Janis, who earlier was the most senior civil servant in Latvia’s ministry of defence, said that the impact of Russia’s attempt to stir up unrest in Germany was being diminished because the problem had been discovered, but he warned that other countries were turning a blind eye to Putin’s propaganda war. Incidentally, Janis’s grandfather was sent to Siberia by the Russians.

The West is now more concerned of the Russian activities. They are keen to find out what has been going on inside Russia and what the next game plan of Putin is. It is really astonishing that US intelligence agencies have not succeeded in getting the information.

The USA on its part is gearing up to launch fresh propaganda offensive against Putin. Senior members of the US Congress are of the view, and in fact have been pressurizing the American administration to revive its own propaganda machine in Eastern Europe to counter the Russian campaign. Ed Royce, chairman of the House of Representatives foreign affairs committee alleged; “Russia’s propaganda machine is in overdrive, working to subvert democratic stability and foment violence.” He warned that Russian propaganda “may be more dangerous than any military, because no artillery can stop their lies from spreading and undermining US security interests in Europe”. The focus of western concern is the Kremlin’s influence on public opinion in the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia where it is seeking to strengthen pro-Moscow nationalism among Russian-speaking minorities and erode support for the EU and Nato. Suddenly the USA and its allies have also become sensitive and alive to Ukraine and Crimea causes. They are out to grab and use any small incident or development to embarrass Putin. To accomplish the task the US and its allies are also contemplating to set up a TV channel. If a crisis erupts then they will ensure that national and Nato forces will be able to act as one from the start.

It is as the part of the disinformation campaign that Nato have come out with the accusation that Russia was trying to drive a wedge in the EU by daring to hold dialogues of sorts with individual countries. The US allies have been in fact trying to present the EU in bad light. The allies and Nato allege that it was hardly shocking that Moscow might not have full confidence in the autonomous decision-making powers of EU of which the US Vice-President Joe Biden has admitted ordering around. Putin is an indispensable partner in the search for a lasting solution. This is a growing imperative for the West, and not just because the war is a disaster for the Syrians and the region. The Nato and other allies have also been promoting and encouraging rise of right-wing parties in Germany and ironically through them trying to coerce and create political pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel. Instead of appreciating Putin’s efforts in restoring peace in the region, the allies and particularly Gen. Philip Breedlove, the NATO commander, told Congress this week, “Together, Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponising migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve.” Irrespective of the fact whether Putin is waging war in Syria the American officials are using the situation to express their worry publically about Europe’s ability to stay united and continue as the vital partner in maintaining international security.

Recently the German media has started accusing Moscow of trying to destroy the European Union using Syrian refugees. It is alleged that Russia is “weaponising migration” to destabilise the institution. In their pursuit the western countries have been ignoring the basic fact that over a million migrants arrived in Europe even before Russia intervened in Syria that is too at the request of the Damascus government. On the contrary the USA and its Nato allies have been active in Syria since 2003.

"Everyone needs to be aware – this applies particularly to the Assad regime and also to Russia – that a worsening of the humanitarian situation further reduces the chances of success at the political talks
Angela Merkel
German Chancellor
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