Purulia cops launch special cars for patrolling highways

The Purulia District Police have launched a sophisticated car for highway patrolling. These well-equipped, sophisticated cars will run on the National Highways and state Highways across the district, including the adjoining areas alongside the Jharkhand border.

The primary intention of the district police is to beef up the police patrols, putting more policemen on those highways, where they can be seen. The officers from those vehicles can also expedite the rescue works after any road mishap.

“We’ve now lunched three such cars. But we’ll bring six more, for 20 police stations in the district,” said Rupesh Kumar, superintendent of police, Purulia.

“Those cars will have cameras installed on the front and at the rear end. The cameras will capture photographs and video footages during any incident on the highways. The officers will call up the rescue team and join hands in the rescue process. The primary duties of those officers are looking after highway security. But helping out local people during a crisis situation is also a must,” the superintendent of police said.

Those cars will have radio-transmission system. The officers can contact district headquarters and all the 20 police stations whenever required. “A Sub-Inspector or Assistant Sub-Inspector ranked officer will be there in those cars along with several constables,” the superintendent of police said. There are several state and National Highways passing through the Purulia district. 

“The highway security is really an important issue. Major cities near Purulia are Ranchi, Bokaro Steel City, Dhanbad, Asansol, Burnpur, Kharagpur, Jamshedpur, Chakradharpur and Kolkata. We have to maintain strict vigil there,” said a senior district police officer. Several criminal cases were recorded in Purulia. It is also a Maoist affected districts in the state. “There are many instances here when criminals took highways as their escape route,” the officer added.


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