Millennium Post

The name is Bond, Ruskin Bond

16 Jun 2012 12:00 AM GMT
The 78-year-old author still manages to find ‘the better side of human nature’ to keep him motivated.Silver-haired, plump and surrounded by children wa...

153 years later, hype over pipe is still on

26 May 2012 12:00 AM GMT
And to think Arthur Conan Doyle wanted Holmes dead!Charles Altamont Doyle had done little in his life to recommend himself to posterity. Except for sir...

The journey of a rhino-lover

12 May 2012 12:00 AM GMT
'It was my first sighting of rhinos in the wild. Ugly and vicious, yet, for all their physiognomic anomalies, they radiated an undeniable appeal....

Will Shiva be the new hash tag?

5 May 2012 3:16 PM GMT
Amish’s Shiva is a ‘dude’ - a word that the author says a reader once used to describe the God. He is gorgeous, he romantic, he is a warrior and a...
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