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Punjabi by Nature

Punjabi by Nature
Phulkari is  the popular embroidery technique of Punjab and  also a happy blend of colours and culture. Mela Phulkari aims at reviving this art and will bring in a fresh whiff of all pretty and popular things from Punjab. Like colourful pakhis (hand fans), madanis (butter churner) tilla jutis (footwear), Manja (village cots), parandis (the festive hair accessory) and textiles and embroideries.

The mela will also feature the sounds of  traditional musical instruments like sarangi, nagada, dilruba and dhad as well. The show will exhibit over 150-year-old phulkaris, some of which belongs to the brand, while a few that have been borrowed from the personal collections of royal families for public viewing.

Harinder Singh, the Creative Head of 1469 said,  ‘From agriculture to the handmade, from the interiors of a Punjabi household to the bylanes of the glorious city, and from the literary to the musical traditions, all objects on display will give an insight into the rich Punjabi heritage’.

‘Phulkari Mela is not a profit-making extravaganza. It’s a cause that will touch the chords of people in the city. Phulkari is a metaphor not just as a textile on which the women of Punjab embroider their dreams and their lives but a leitmotif that represents the complex web with which the crafts and culture of the land are enmeshed. The fest is free for all, after all Punjabis are known for their largesse,’ Pande shared.

When: 11-24 April
Where: Open Pal Court, India Habitat Centre
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