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Punjab scientist finds new tech for DNA amplification

Exploring the role of a parallel DNA in a living cell, a scientist from Punjab has claimed to have developed a new technique for its amplification, saying that the research will help to find better remedial solution for Cancer, TB, AIDS and other fatal diseases.

This is a development for new “Parallel DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PD-PCR)” for two different products from a DNA template, Dr Vikash Bhardwaj said.

“This technology has allowed life scientists to advance their understanding of various phenomena occurring in a living cell,” he said. The findings were published in the F1000 Research journal, UK.
Bhardwaj said that “it has already had a major impact on life science and is a well-recognised tool in forensic sciences. It is also being widely used to study various diseases including Cancer, TB, AIDS”.

In a conventional PCR, DNA is amplified millions of times as it is in original form. However, going further, Dr Bhardwaj of a private university in Punjab, has researched on DNA and developed a new PD-PCR technique which claims synthesis of a new DNA having polarity opposite to the template used. 
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