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Pulled to perfection

Pulled to perfection
The world loves their noodles. Relegated mostly to Asian cuisine, noodles have a special place in mains, soups and salads. While most of us never really think too much about the 'making' of the noodle and are more than happy to buy a packet of noodles and boil them at home, WelcomHotel Sheraton takes the curiosity to the next level by not only incorporating hand-pulled noodles in their special menu this month at Pan Asian but also by hosting live noodle shows every hour.

These special 'noodle shows' has the deft master Chef Wang creating magic in front of your eyes as he makes perfectly incredible noodles from a simple ball of dough using just his hands. You have to see it to believe it!

Chef Wang, a native of Xi’an, the capital of the Shaanxi province in central China initiated into art of noodle making at the age of 18 years is currently the noodle and dim sum chef.

Wang uses a 'rhythmic movement with a hint of twirling fastens as a piece of dough is repeatedly stretched and folded onto itself in order to align the glutens and warm up the dough for stretching.

He pulls the dough to about an arm span’s length then makes a loop with the dough, joining the two ends into one clump of dough, and inserts his fingers into the loop to keep the strand from sticking to itself. At the same time ensuring that the repetition is fractioning the thickness until he has achieved the desired strands.

He explains that the end pieces of the starting dough are never used because the glutens are not as aligned as the middle pieces.  Sometimes he rubs the strands into flour between stretching to keep them separated or sometimes he flattens the dough on the counter, depending on the type of noodles. He specialises in making three types of noodles: super fine, medium and flat noodles.'

We fortunately had the pleasure of enjoying all his specialties from the special menu and more than the food it was magic to see him at work. The festival is on till 31 August so make sure you catch the show.
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