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Puja Pandal in Malda to showcase development projects in state

The Durga Puja committee of Mathurapur Haribasar Club in Malda district has come up with the unique idea of showcasing the development schemes and projects of the Bengal government as their theme for this year’s Durga Puja.

From Kanyashree to Sabuj Sathi, most of the schemes of the state government have been featured here. Crowds have gathered in the pandal and gained information about many schemes. The footfall of Mathurapur Haribasar Club too has been much higher than that of other Puja pandals in the area.

“We had made up our minds to make this the theme six months earlier. The local Trinamool Congress leaders and MLAs cooperated with us to make most of it possible,” said one organiser.

The pandal has been constructed with blue and white cloth and plywood sheets. “We all know blue and white is the colour theme of our state which was designated by the Chief Minister,” the organiser added.

From the ‘Safe drive Safe life’ mission to the Egiye Bangla initiative, from the Biswa Bangla campaign to the Sabuj Sathi project, from Khadya Sathi to Sasthya Sathi, numerous projects have been displayed.

Meanwhile, the state Information and Cultural Affairs department has constituted awards for the Pujas at the district level. They will be given to those pujas that will best showcase the Biswa Bangla concept. Visitors believe that the Mathurapur Haribasar Club puja in Malda will win the award.

District magistrate of Malda Sharad Dwivedi informed that in Malda town there are 32 big budget pujas and 98 small budget pujas.

Arnab Ghosh, SP of Malda said: “Traffic would be restricted in English Bazaar from the afternoon of Maha Panchami to Vijaya Dashami. Vehicles would be allowed to ply along the main roads from 3 pm to 2 am on those days. Immersion can be done on October 11 from morning to 4 pm. No immersion would be allowed on October 12. Immersion can be done again on October 13 and 14.”

Police have requested puja committees to install CCTV cameras in all pandals to avoid any nuisance. Besides, the puja committees will have to engage at least four volunteers to maintain order in the pandals round the clock.

The volunteers chosen by the clubs would be trained by police personnel.
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