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Public perception index on corruption in 25 government offices soon

Soon, one can know the extent of corruption in government offices, as for the first time the Central Vigilance Commission is coming up with a public perception index to collect opinion about graft in 25 organisations.

The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has commissioned a pilot project to Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad to come up with an index for 25 organisations within one year, on the lines of Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International, to know how a department has fared in its reputation among public on corruption and established mechanism to counter such practices.

Twenty-five organisations such as Railways, Coal India etc. have been chosen for the exercise on the basis of their exposure to direct dealings with the general public, Vigilance Commissioner T M Bhasin said. 

Addressing a press conference on the launch of Vigilance Awareness Week, Central Vigilance Commissioner K V Chowdary earlier said there was a lack of authentic data to ascertain whether corruption has increased or decreased.

He said there is Transparency International’s data but the Commission cannot quote it as it is not an authentic data of Government of India.

“I am not very sure whether there are authentic studies but certainly we trying to bring awareness in people...We are conducting the study to know what is the public perception about a particular organisation,” he said.

Chowdary said this year’s theme will be “Public participation in promoting integrity and eradicating Corruption”.

“There is no point in complaining that country is suffering because of lack of integrity or corrupt practices, when public at large does not resolve that they are not going to be part of corrupt practices. The Commission believes that corruption cannot be a one-way traffic,” he said.

The Commissioner said no amount of threat to punish only government servants on corrupt practices can be effective unless general society decides to not be part of an offensive against graft.

In its effort to rope in general public in the anti- corruption measures, the Commission has envisaged a concept of ‘Integrity Pledge’ which can be taken up by the citizens and organisations.

Within an hour of its launched today, till 12.30 PM, over 46,500 people had taken up the pledge which has been posted on the web page of Central Vigilance Commission.

Till now, only government officials used to take this pledge at the start of Vigilance Awareness week but from this year a different pledge has been posted for citizens and organisations.
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