Public Art : A Hiland Initiative

Public Art : A Hiland Initiative
Art lovers in the city are in for a treat. One of the most reputed real-estate developers ‘Hiland Group’ has taken the  initiative to set  up an event  named  ‘Public  Art: a  Hiland  Initiative’  with  ‘Eminent Artists’­
Paresh Maity, Jayasri Burman and Narayan Sinha at Galaxy Hall in The Park Hotel, Kolkata on November 26th. 

This will be the first event on ‘Public Art’ from Hiland Group where prominent artists will elucidate the essence of ‘Public Art’ and their socio-cultural significances along their collaboration with Hiland.

The term ‘Public Art’ denotes any work of art which is designed for and sited in a space accessible to the general public, from a public square to a wall inside a building open to the public. Today, however, the category of public art includes a huge range of works from the fine, decorative and plastic arts.

Architecture and sculpture include painting, stained glass, ceramics, mosaics, and tapestry, as well as numerous forms of contemporary art, such as Earthworks, Assemblage, Installation art etc

Hiland has collaborated with some venerable artists of our country as ‘first of its kind’ in ‘Public Art Initiative’. To keep their commitment towards the promotion of art & culture, even among the common people and dwellers of “Calcutta Riverside”, Hiland is proud to be able to arrange an interactive discussion on contemporary ‘Public Art’ where one can experience the significance of ‘Art’ in our daily life.

All the three eminent artists  Paresh Maity ,Jayasri  Burman and Narayan Sinha  will interact with the galaxy of distinguished guests and explain about their involvement with “Calcutta Riverside”, a unique township project of  Hiland Group as bibliography  of art and architecture.  

‘Hiland’ as a group, believes not just shaping elegant homes but providing an environment  smeared  with Art and Culture. As a way forward to this endeavour, ‘Hiland’ offers not only a luxurious abode but also new hopes, joys, emotions as well as a new lifestyle with the modern, innovative architectural designs and enriching artistic elements everywhere  in  the vicinity  of “Calcutta  Riverside”.  

It will take an  urbanscape from the  ordinary  to the  extraordinary  by weaving  of art  into its fabric.“Calcutta Riverside” is Eastern India’s largest integrated township project of Hiland Group which also intends to provide all the modern ease to its occupants like 9-Hole Executive Golf Course, Sourav Ganguly School and Sports Academy, Apollo Hospital and Medical College, a Hi-tech Film City with a Film Studio ,Retail Space, Riverside Promenade, Natural Green Landscape, River View etc. 

When it would befully built, it will have approximately 15,000 apartments. “Calcutta Riverside” is located just on the lap of The Ganges at Maheshtala which is only 20 minutes from New Alipore.Hiland is all set to decor their unique township project “Calcutta Riverside” with the priceless sculptures and installations by the artists of reverence. 

The endeavour aspires to abridge and make you feel the transformations from rural to urban through the lane of art and architecture.


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