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P.S. I love you

P.S. I love you
Is the relationship casual or serious? This requires some analysis. Here are the TOP 40 signs to help you conclude whether you should choose a ring or head for the door:When you don’t lie or betray
  • Meeting the parents
  • Exchanging house keys
  • Planning holidays together
  • Discussing plans for the future together
  • Being invited to family gatherings of each other
  • Staying overnight at each other’s houses
  • Trying to see each other at least every day
  • Leaving a toothbrush at each other’s house
  • You tell each other absolutely everything, no secrets between the two
  • Taking care when sick
  • Being introduced to wider friendship circles
  • Discussing how many children you might want in the future
  • Divulging salary and other financial details
  • Letting them know your pin number
  • When you HYPOTHETICALLY talk about IF you lived together
  • Inviting people around as a couple
  • Having clothes and other belongings at each other’s houses
  • Farting in front of each other without feeling embarrassed
  • When ‘compromising’ will not feel like a task
  • Receiving cards or gifts addressed to both of you
  • When you know what each other’s plans are for every single day
  • Showering together and scrubbing each other’s back
  • Changing Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’
  • You know each other’s passwords
  • You share secrets about friends with each other
  • You start watching TV shows they like
  • Phoning each other at work just to hear the voice
  • When they start asking for your opinion on stuff
  • You start listening to music they like
  • Putting a photo of the two of you on Facebook
  • Sending good morning/goodnight texts
  • Having a pet name for each other
  • Telling each other how many sexual partners you’ve had
  • When all their friends add you on Facebook
  • When his/ her mood affects your day
  • When it won’t matter how you look or what you wear
  • When you hate to say bye to one another
  • When respect between the two rules
  • When you get jealous about others
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