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Prostate cancer to be second most common cancer by 2020

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most common cause of cancer and the sixth leading cause of cancer death among men worldwide. It has become a major health problem in industrialised world during the last decades. In India also situation is very alarming that needs adequate attention.

In India, it is the second most common cancer among males as per ICMR and various state cancer 
registries. The incidence rate in India is 9-10/1,00,000 population which is higher than other parts of Asia and Africa but lower than USA and Europe.

Prostate is the second leading site of cancer among males in large Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, 
Pune and Thiruvananthapuram, third leading site of cancer in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai and it is among the top ten leading sites of cancers in the rest of the PBRCs of India.

The data shows that almost all regions of India are equally affected by this cancer. The incidence rates of this cancer are constantly and rapidly increasing in all the PBRCs. 

The cancer projection data shows that the number of cases will become double by 2020. Delhi Cancer registry shows cancer of the prostate is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer among men in Delhi accounting for about 6.78 per cent of all malignancies.
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