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Profusion of bold colours

The artist belong to various Indian state and the medium used are oil, acrylic, water, charcoal or mixed. Each one of them deal with subjects that are  close to their heart and imagination.

Participating artists are Banoj Mohanty, Austin Konchira, Deepali Mangalik, Dinesh kumar panwar, Padmini Mehta, Rajeev Semwal, Rajni Kiran Jha, Sahil Jain, Surendran Karthyayan, Saru S, seshadri, Sunita Lamba from different states.

The exhibition will be held from December 21- 27 at the Lalit Kala Bhawan, Ravindra Bhawan Tansen Marg.

The chief guest for the evening will be professor Sudharshan  Seneviratne(High Commissioner of Sri Lanka in India).

Few of the work are like storytelling (narrative) in which the artist tell a lot without saying a word. It is through their imagination skill, they creates a whole cycle of image formation or any sensation in the mind of a viewer.

Sunita Lamba the organiser is a well known artist who has won a won a gold medal for her sculpture at the Beijing Olympics. She has that acumen to delve into human consciousness. Austin Konchira artist trained under the instruction of artist Mahindra, a renowned painter in Kerala, bring richness to figuration and abstraction in bright colors and versatile contours. Banoj Mohant’s works depict social message and idealism in society which is rare and missing. Lots of creative thinking has gone in to get the right message conveyed.

Deepali Mangalik a nature enthusiast was raised in Dehra Dun and being surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, her surroundings are her inspiration. Dinesh displays vivid cultural heritage in his work of art showcasing impressionistic rural scenes that focuses on one moment or gives a intelligent impression about a character, idea, setting, or object.

Padmini from Varanasi (Banaras), grew up surrounded by holy images, grassy meadows and towering trees that bring out the richness of the city while Rajeev’s drawings help him in expressing his feelings. Black is his favorite color and it brings out his creativity with just one color.

Rajni’s Matsya- Kanya series includes the Matsya- Kanya and Lotus. Fish is the symbol of good luck. Whereas lotus is symbolic of peace and prosperity. In the Hindu religion girl is considered as goddess Laxmi.

S  Seshadri an engineer but has been wielding the brushes as a hobby while Sahil Jain is a contemporary artist who owns both theory and technique . A deep thinker who strives to peel off the layers from the different faces around him and has the potential to see the real behind the facades.
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