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Prioritisation is key

Prioritisation  is key
I am very scared to sleep alone at night. Please help.

Anu, Noida 

This is a problem faced by many. There was a time when I would also feel the same at times. To overcome this fear, please tame your mind. Remind yourself over and over again that you are not afraid of anything. You can also try to keep the TV, radio or some music on to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Fear grows when we let it take control of us. Please face it bravely to let it go forever. 

My sister is always jealous of me. She leaves no stone unturned to insult me. She is 8 years older and has the natural ability to negatively influence others against me. What should I do?

Beena, West Bengal 

Sibling rivalry is a common issue. To ensure peace of mind, the best is to avoid her. Do not get into petty arguments and fights. You be what you are and don’t give any importance to her words. At one point she would feel defeated. If you hand her the power to control your emotions, you will be at loss. Pay no attention to negativity and continue to shine. Ignorance is bliss. Good luck.  

I am 14 and want to be a dancer. I hail from an orthodox family and my father will never allow me. Please advise.

U. Parekh, Ahmedabad 

It is always important to prioritise. At this stage of life, your education is vital. Pay attention to your grades and work hard towards it. Pursue dancing as a passion but as of now, don’t do anything to upset your family members. Once you have become an adult, you will surely have the right to choose your professional path. A few years from now a lot will change automatically. Hold on to your dreams and work harder to achieve all you want. 

I want to break up. I fear my boyfriend  will harm himself if I tell him about my feelings. I’m very confused. Please help.

Name unknown, New Delhi

Try to involve a common friend or family member before you convey your decision to him. Fear cannot be the glue to any relationship. If you have no emotions involved, let go of your boyfriend at the earliest. Love cannot be an agenda. Don’t worry about consequences and pretend to be his lover. Your happiness is more important. Decide a date, place and prepare yourself to face it soon. 

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