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President Obama gets pop star Beyonce by her ears

After pop diva Beyonce sported a pair of earrings bearing President Barack Obama’s name, sale of the piece of jewelry has hit the roof with thousands being snapped up by fans across the world.

The 31-year-old singer, an ardent Obama supporter, was spotted in New York wearing the gold plated hoops designed by Puerto Rican Erik Pena.

Before Beyonce turned up in the handmade gold baubles emblazoned with Obama’s name, Pena had sold only five pairs at USD 32 a pop, ABC News reported.

But in the week since Beyonce wore them, orders have poured in from all over the world, and Pena has now sold more than 1,300 sets.

Pena says her small office in Puerto Rico is dealing with such a demand that she’s had to call in cousins to come help out at the boutique.

‘If Obama wins, I’ll remake them again, but I'll switch them up a bit. I’ll have new plates made, with the year 2013, or maybe the word ‘Rocks’ or ‘Won’ so people can wear one earring with the word ‘Obama’ and the other with something different, said Pena.
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