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Premia comes up with the Time Linked plan

Premia comes up with the Time Linked plan
Premia Group, which has initiated its first hospital project via acquisition of leading running hospital in Haryana is an organisation specialising in bringing innovative and utilitarian concepts in a presentable and affordable fashion. It is also making new headway into the commercial realty segment with their latest offering, the Business Center Cum Professional Office, which would henceforth be available in both of their top projects -Premia Corporate City: India’s First Corporate City and Crown of Noida. Both the projects being located at convenient distances from major strategic sites, present a host of convenience to the patrons of realty in the region.

Real Estate sector plays an important role in driving the economy of our country to a new high. At present, it contributes 6.3 percent GDP and has a capability to drive economy to a double-digit growth. For the growth of this sector Premia Group has come up with the innovative ‘Time Linked Plan’ formulated by the team and the Real Estate Guru, managing director of Premia Projects Ltd., Tarun Shienh who is credited with establishment of three real estate brands in five years.

The Time Linked Plan encourages the investors to part with their funds in a controlled fashion .This gives the investors a sense of being in control of their funds and decisions and also lends a positive vibe to the whole association. With the intent behind it making the transaction transparent, the plan is anticipated to sit well with the patrons.

This is one of a kind innovative payment plan the likes of which have never been floated in the Indian market. The benefits to the Time Linked plan are multi faceted. This being a well researched unique plan, it will send out the right message to the investors in terms of being cared about. It has been designed to facilitate the investors into easy and convenient outlay and securing their initial spends on the booking.

The Time Linked Plan will not only pump funds into the market picking up the standing but it will also spread word of the positive developments and create a buzz of the trend improving. The plan will also make investors aware of the evolving real estate market and the initiatives being taken by the leading innovators.
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