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Prayers for the earth

Prayers for the earth
Abiding by Gandhiji’s message of peace and the importance of sensitising young minds to it, the college chose the fest theme as the exuberant Colours of Peace. The chief guest of the event was renowned film actor and Padma Bhushan awardee Sharmila Tagore; guests of honour were film director Anusha Rizvi, and film actor Naseer Abdullah.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest Sharmila Tagore gave an inspirational speech on peace and on the spirit of democracy. She talked about how peace is a continuous process, and a pursuit which one should never abandon. She quoted from Pablo Neruda’s Prayers for the Earth emphasising how important it is to sustain the fabric of democracy, secularism and freedom. Her address was followed by Naseer Abdullah’s heartfelt rendition of KL Saigal’s Suno Suno Aye Krishna Kala.

The spirit of the fest came alive with cultural performances by the college students. The music society of the college sang a mesmerizing sufi song which was equally matched by the song sung by the western music society girls. A classical dance rendition of Kalidasa’s Ritusamhara performed by the Indian classical dance society, Nupur, captivated the audience, making them experience the joy of different seasons and exuberance of life.

The show stopper was a scintillating performance by the Nritya, dance society students, on the famous Hindi film songs of Sharmila Tagore. She was highly impressed by the performance and thanked the entire college for such a heartfelt tribute.

Participated by students across all DU colleges, the fest included various competitions ranging from
Euphonie-Western music competition, Question and answer quiz show, Sanskrit recitation to Footloose-dance competition.

The second day too continued with much excitement and immense participation from various colleges.  The events of the day were Jabberwocky- Turncoat Debate, Bardoratory- Soliloquies in Shakespeare’s Plays, Create from Waste and many more. Live performance by Stereo Nation aka Taz thrilled and mesmerized the crowd.

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