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‘Pragmatic’ RSS wields stick to set BJP’s house in order

‘Pragmatic’ RSS wields stick to set BJP’s house in order
This is the ‘message’ which the RSS top brass has sent to not only its own swayamsevaks but also to the BJP.

The growing rumblings within the party are no more acceptable to the RSS and that has been clearly conveyed to the BJP top leadership especially Rajnath Singh by the RSS in this three day conclave. With the last leg of Lok Sabha polls already taking off, the RSS has also indicated that it is going to steer the BJP’s campaign. That should be good news for the BJP which has been struggling to mobilise its cadres at grassroots level at several places.

The recently concluded RSS meet has sent three three important signals  to the BJP. One, RSS will go all out to support the BJP and plug in the gaps so that BJP can run its election campaign smoothly in the long run. Two, the RSS is doing it not because it is very fond of any particular leader but  because it wants to stop Congress led UPA  or any other third front from coming to power at the Centre. And its assessment is that it is only Narendra Modi led BJP campaign which can  defeat its rivals convincingly.  Third, no individual leader in BJP should try to upset the RSS’ gameplan by raising banner of revolt or discontent over ticket distribution or any other decision. The RSS’ diktat is clear that everyone has to stick together for now and fight this battle unitedly and anyone who doesn’t follow this diktat can write his or her own political obituary as far as the BJP is concerned.

 The RSS meet has also indicated a change in the power dynamics within the BJP with BJP chief Rajnath emerging as a major confidante of the RSS. As the RSS goes by the rule book so as far as matters in the BJP are concerned, it is clear that  along with Narendra Modi, the BJP Chief Rajnath Singh will have the  authority to have the last word on contentious issues.  The fact that both Modi and Singh are working in close coordination and supplementing each others’ efforts has been appreciated by the RSS.

That could be a jolt to many within the party who  have been positioning themselves as ‘power centres’  but the RSS has now made it clear in its meet that Rajnath has full backing of the RSS top brass. And  its the toika of RSS-Narendra Modi-Rajnath Singh that matters.

The RSS has also conveyed through this meeting that it does not want to get involved into day to day management of the BJP affairs. However, if  any BJP leader doesn’t toe the party line then  he or she would be taken to task by the RSS and the BJP President Rajnath Singh has the mandate to deal with any discontent with a strong hand.
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