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‘Pot calling kettle black’: Amarinder on Badal’s divisive politics charge

Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh said Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s charge that Congress pursued “divisive politics” was a classic case of “pot calling the kettle black”.

Refuting Badal’s allegation that Congress was playing divisive politics over burning of ‘Chitta Raavan’ effigies, he said, “Rather, the burning of Chitta Raavan has proved to be a unifying force for all Punjabis to vent their anger and protest against your government.” 

Badal had alleged that the Congress party always pursued “divisive politics” in the state for the sake of its vested political interests.

“It was Badal who, all through his political life, had played ‘divisive politics’ by dividing people along communal and sectarian lines for his petty, partisan and personal benefits,” Singh said in a statement issued here on Sunday.

The PCC president alleged it was Badal who had scripted the desecration of the holy books in Bargadi, in Ludhiana and in Malerkotla.

“And yet, he was trying to accuse Congress of something he was himself guilty of,” said Singh.

The former CM said why Badal and his government were “overreacting” to the spontaneous public protest, which was in reaction to all that is happening in Punjab.

“Why does it matter only to you that people are burning ‘Chitta Raavan’ and you are trying to gag their voice?” he said.

Singh said there was nothing “divisive” about burning the ‘Chitta Ravan’ and it would be better for him to understand and feel the anger of the Punjabis, who are voluntarily burning the effigies all over the state.

“Rather than acknowledging the problem and going for introspection, you are again trying to put the blame on others,” he said.

Instead of resorting to “draconian and dictatorial” means to curb the public anger, Badal should feel the pulse and address the issue, Singh said, adding he should start with an apology to Punjabis for the devastation brought to Punjab with the spread of drugs.
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