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Posters against Sikhs litter around Canadian Univ

Racist posters, targeting Sikhs, have appeared in one of Canada’s largest research-intensive universities. The posters showed a man, wearing a turban, with a racist message that asked Sikhs to go back to there home country, Toronto Sun reported.

“This is shameful that people in Canada are doing this,” said Yadvinder Bhardwaj, president of the Indian Students’ Association at the University of Alberta, which represents over 2,500 Indian students.

“I don’t want this. We are students, we are here trying to get education, we are not doing anything bad,” he added.

The World Sikh Organisation of Canada has also condemned the racist posters.

“Similar posters appeared two years ago in Ontario and are a pathetic attempt at drawing the spotlight to deplorable views that have been rejected in Canada,” WSO president Mukhbir Singh said.

“Despite the claims on this poster, Sikhs are an integral part of the Canadian fabric and we are proud that many turbaned Sikhs serve Canada in the federal cabinet, Armed Forces and many other capacities.” 

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