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Post Nirbhaya, crimes against women on the rise

After the infamous Nirbhaya case that shook the entire country in 2012, it was believed that stringent measures taken by the government in crimes against women would see a drastic fall in the rate of crimes. However, not much has changed since then. A lot more cases were reported and registered in Delhi.

In 2012 till December, 706 cases under IPC Section 376 (rape) were reported by women. The next year saw steep rise in the rape incidents and in 2013, 1,636 cases of rape were registered. In 2014 again, the number increased to 2,166 and 2015 saw 2,199 cases of rape being registered. The data till November 2016 shows 1,981 cases of rape being registered in the Capital.

Outraging modesty of woman
The cases that fall under the IPC Section 354 also witnessed an increase since 2012. The data shows 727 cases of molestation registered in 2012. The next year in 2013, a whopping increase was seen and 3,515 cases of molestation were registered. In 2014 the figure rose to 4,322 and in 2015 it further increased to 5,367. The data till November 2016 shows 3,910 cases of molestation registered with Delhi Police.

Kidnapping of woman 
The Kidnapping data was never a relief factor for the Delhi Police and in 2012 the kidnapping cases registered were 2,048. The following year in 2013, it increased to 3,286. The next year in 2014 again 3,604 cases of kidnapping of women were reported. In 2015, it rose to 3,738 and till November 2016 the cases reported are at 3,179.

Dowry Death 
In 2012, the number of dowry deaths reported were 134 as against 144 in 2013. The next year in 2014, 153 cases were reported. In 2015 the number cases reported were 122 and till November 2016 the cases registered are 153.

The cops have maintained that the rise in the cases that the Delhi Police data shows is because of more women coming up to the police and reporting the incidents of crimes than earlier.
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